• Alaa Salim Hamzah, Ali J. Saleem
  • Department of Anesthesia Technique, Institute of Medical Technology ̸ Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Baghdad , Iraq. .
  • Email: aalaatad@yahoo.com.
  • Department of Biology, College of education for pure science , University of Diyala , Diyala , Iraq. .
  • Email: aalaatad@yahoo.com.


This study aimed to evaluate any mutation in efflux pump genes (SdeB, SdeY, HasF) in Serratia marcescens (S. marcescens) isolated from UTI, wound and sputum  samples and compared them with global genes in NCBI. These genes play an important role in resistance against different types of antibiotics by a mechanism called efflux pump. Identification of bacteria was done according to morphological and biochemical tests and VITEK- 2 compact system. 24% of all samples contained this bacterium. After DNA extraction, efflux pump genes were amplified by using specific primers. All isolates of S. marcescens were found to have these genes. Sequencing results of these genes depicted mutations which were different from global sequences in NCBI. Later, sequences of these genes  were documented in NCBI under accession numbers: Serratia marcescens ASH-2 SdeB GenBank: LC647797.1, Serratia marcescens ASH-4 SdeY GenBank: LC647799.1 and Serratia marcescens ASH-1 Hasf GenBank: LC647796.1.        

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