Tuhfa, Mohammad Younus Wani, Mohammad Arshad, Tazeem, Fareeda Athar
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia, (Central University), New Delhi-110025, India.


As part of our continuing search for synthesis of novel azine based antiamoebic agents, we have synthesised a series of chalcone scaffold and modified it to a series of five and six membered biologically important heterocyclic compounds.The structure of compound was elucidated by spectral data. In vitro antimicrobial activity was done against E.coli and B.subtilis by Disc diffusion method. The compounds were also tested for toxicity by MTT assay on H9c2 cardiac myoblast. Some of the compounds have been found to give better antimicrobial activity and less cytotoxicity than the standard drug Streptomycin. Read more…

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