Mona Rajhans
Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology, School of Engineering and Technology for Girls; Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.


Diabetes is an illness that has affected the most widely number of people around the world. To an approximation, around one hundred and fifty million people are sufferers of this disease. Diabetes is a permanent (chronic) illness in which there are elevated levels of sugar in the blood. Currently, there are a number of invasive ways to keep a check on diabetes by the blood glucose levels. All of these invasive methods make an incision or a small prick and check the amount of sugar level present in the blood. By this project, we can check the blood glucose level by a non invasive method as well. Though there may be plenty of possible options; this idea explores the use of microwaves to discover its possible options and enhance its contribution to the idea.The idea is to pass a beam of microwaves through the eyes and then study the deflections. This setup could be set up at a spectacle; where on one corner there would be a laser light. This laser light would be made to pass through eyes. This laser will penetrate through the eyes and pass through the aqueous humor of the eye. Aqueous humor is the fluid section filled in the eyes in between the cornea and retina of the eyes. It has the same glucose composition as that of the human blood. The aqueous humor is the apparent, watery solution that fills the composite space in the front of the eye which is surrounded at the front by the cornea and at the stern by the front surface or face of the vitreous humor. This property is seen to the sights and used as the foundation of this project. At the back side of the spectacles, there would be a sensor. This sensor would facilitate the absorption of the laser light that would have penetrated. This ray would be studied for its deflection and would be compared to a standard result. By comparing the obtained results with the standard result, we could make a measure of the deflection of the rays and by this deflection we could predict the exact amount of glucose in the aqueous humor. By predicting the glucose level in the aqueous humor we could say that this would be exactly same to that its composition in blood. Thus we could predict the exact level of blood glucose. It could be used as one of the prime measures and one of its kind to be non invasive in the measure of the blood glucose to be one of the first of its kind to the detection of blood glucose in such an exceptional way; proving to be a boon to the medical sciences by the use of the microwaves. Read more…

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