Abhilasha Singh, Amrendar Kumar, Swati Agarwal, Ramkishan Agarwal
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Lucknow, India.


Healthcare professionals around the world are looking for phytochemicals as a possible source for new lead compounds against HIV, which has become a global menace by the turn of 21st century.There is no integrated database present that can give the wholistic information of phytochemical bioactive lead compounds-HIV drug target interactions. Phyto-Rajayakshma steps in to fill the gap created by this need of an integrated medicinal database which provides end-to-end information from the medicinal plants to their bioactive compounds interaction prediction. The objective of this project is to produce a database which comprehensively summarizes indications and all possible herbs having anti- HIV properties. Rajayakshama means “The king of all diseases-AIDS”. This database contains the details of 650 medicinal plants having anti-HIV properties. In this database, one can search for the plants having natural compounds which have anti-HIV Property by Scientific name, Common name and alphabetically. The active components of these medicinal plants are also docked with different HIV Type 1 and Type receptors. Their docking results which are calculated by using various softwares like autodock, FlexX etc are also uploaded on this database. The results of docking of active components of medicinal plants are also compared by docking the reference drug (FDA Approved) with receptor too. Using the database one can retrieve information regarding the herb, its origin and the active ingredient present in more than 600 medicinal plants used around the world in alternate or traditional system of medicine which have been entered into the Phyto Rajayakshma- A database of Medicinal Plants having Anti-HIV Properties. Read more…

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