Arvind Kumar Goyal1, Sushil Kumar Middha2, Talmbedu Usha2, Subhojyoti Chatterjee2, Asim Kumar Bothra3, Madhugiri B Nagaveni2, Arnab Sen1
1NBU Bioinformatics Facility, Department of Botany, University of North Bengal, Siliguri- 734013, West Bengal, India.
2Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College For Women (MLACW), DBT-BIF centre,Banglore-560012,Karnataka, India.
3Bioinformatics Chemoinformatics laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Raiganj College, Raiganj (W.B), India.


Bamboo, the “Green Gold”, included in the non-timber forest products has both ecological and economic importance. Here is an attempt to describe a database named “Bamboo-infoline: a database for North Bengal Bamboo’s”, which provides enumeration of the different species of bamboos found in North Bengal, with special emphasis on taxonomy, whether they have edible shoots or not, chemical constituents, morphological features along with tissue culture specifications, which in turn will benefit the scientific community in general and researcher associated with bamboo in particular.  Read more…

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