Ananthalakshmi Ramamoorthy, Sathiya Jeeva Jeevakarunyam, Sunitha Janardhanan, Nadeem Jeddy, Srikaanth Aranmanai Vasan, Arundayanadhi Raja, Parvez Ikram
Department of Oral Pathology, Thai Moogambigai Dental College and Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.149114


Background: The therapeutic potential of yoga are often considered complementary to various forms of medical practice. Very few studies have evaluated the effects of yoga in the treatment of occupational hazards among dentists. Hence, this cross-sectional study was designed to evaluate the adoption of yoga techinques as an alternative therapy in treatment of physical and psychological occupational hazards among dental general practitioners in Chennai, India. Materials and Methods: A validated closed-ended questionnaire was circulated to 500 dental general practitioners in Chennai, India and we received 394 completed questionnaires. The questionnaire documented demographic data, occupational hazards and the type of treatment taken for the hazards. Results: Musculoskeletal pain with stress (47%) was the most common occupational hazard reported, followed by only stress (27.4%), and only musculoskeletal pain (25.6%). Only 9.6% of practitioners adopted yoga as an alternative treatment for these occupational hazards. Interestingly, majority (46.4%) of them did exercise, gym, massage, walking and heard music. Surprisingly, 43.9% did not take any measures to treat these occupational hazards. However 53.3% of the dentists who did not consider yoga as an alternative therapy, stated lack of time as a reason for not practicing yoga while 17.6% of them don’t believe yoga as a therapy. Conclusion: Despite musculoskeletal pain and stress being the most common occupational hazard prevalent among dentists, over 50% of the subjects surveyed didn’t seek any measure to treat these occupational hazards and only 10% of them practiced yoga as the alternative therapy.

Keywords: Dentists, musculoskeletal pain, occupational hazards, stress, yoga.

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