JNSBM charge 2000 GBP for an accepted article as APC.

Why do we charge?

This journal is an Open Access, where in the content is free to read. The journal is non-commercial and currently, it is self financing and not supported by any major organizations. Cost is being absorbed only with subscriptions and Article Processing Charges (APC). Hence, a nominal cost is levied to cover the cost of the following

  • Journal hosting systems
  • Online Manuscript submission systems
  • In-house copyediting and linguistic support
  • Pagination and Typesetting
  • Inclusion in Crossref, giving a permanent DOI and enabling easy citation in other journals.
  • Archiving in databases, where appropriate, in an internationally recognized, open access repositories

Discount for Developed countries

Authors from developed countries are required to reach out editor directly for getting 25 percent discount in article processing charges of the accepted manuscript. 

Withdrawal Charges

It is essential to note that the publication process involves significant resources and efforts from our editorial and peer-review teams. To ensure the commitment of authors towards the process, we have introduced withdrawal charges.

  • Withdrawal Charges: A standard withdrawal fee of 500 GBP will be applicable to articles that are withdrawn after a certain stage in the publication process. This fee is intended to offset the administrative and editorial efforts that have already been invested in the article up to that point.

Authors’ Responsibilities and Considerations

We encourage authors to carefully consider their submissions and financial commitment before initiating the publication process. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to withdrawals. However, we kindly request authors to be mindful of the impact on the journal’s resources and the academic community’s time and effort.