DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.234743


In the article titled “Severe Abdominal Complaints after Technical Successful Endovascular Treatment of Chronic Splanchnic Ischemia”, published on pages 100-102, Issue 1, Volume 9 of Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine[1], the name of the authors: Claire A. J. I. Leenarts, Mark J. F. Haagmans, Lee H. Bouwman, Cornelis J. J. M. Sikkink were written incorrectly in ‘How To Cite’ section as “I. Leenarts CA, F. Haagmans MJ, Bouwman LH, M. Sikkink CJ” instead of “Leenarts CA, Haagmans MJ, Bouwman LH, Sikkink CJ”. The “How to cite this article” section should read correctly as “. Leenarts CA, Haagmans MJ, Bouwman LH, Sikkink CJ. Severe abdominal complaints after technical successful endovascular treatment of chronic splanchnic ischemia. J Nat Sc Biol Med 2018;9:100-2.” Read more…

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