HS Arun Kumar
Editor in Chief, Journal Natural Science Biology and Medicine, India.
DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.95932

Effective communication is an essential aspect of growth and success. This is further reflected by the popularity and rapid growth of several web-based tools involved in mass, personal, and professional communications. Nevertheless, voice-based communication has its unique charm as it brings in an emotional aspect and hence greater impact. Just to emphasize on this, there are two educational articles in the current issue which describe in detail on how humans communicate and the understanding of the science behind human voice. Several factors can impair effective communication, which could be irreversible or reversible, and the current advancement in medicine has evolved effective therapeutics to speech acoustic disorders, which are highlighted in the articles in this issue. We also have two interesting articles, which highlight the novel technologies available in the biomedical research and have high potential to advance scientific understanding. One of the articles is on DNA microarray technology, which has several diversified medical and non-medical applications. The other article describes applying mathematics to understand cellular dynamics. Such mathematical application to biological science has potential to seal the wider gap and cater to unmet needs in biomedical research. Read more..

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