The Power of Thought and Potential of Globalization of Scientific Research to Overcome Political and Economic Limitations

Arun H. S. Kumar
Editor In Chief, Journal Natural Science Biology and Medicine, India.
DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.101876

A major part of the world is currently under unstable economic recession, which is greatly impacting the political and social life. The big challenge is how we can overcome this recession to restore political and social stability? Unfortunately currently a clear answer to this question is not available and hence, the challenge remains unsolved. Interestingly this sort of uncertainties is not new to scientific research has irrespective of the scientific domain, failures are a common experience in scientific research, as majority of experiments often fail. Over the years scientists learn from such failures and evolve breakthrough discoveries, which benefit pandemic population. While the general principles of learning from failure apply to all sectors the scientific way has a special charm as it is based on facts rather than virtual thoughts /concepts. Especially in the era of globalization one can envision the power of thought and its influence to impact any society. I often wonder if politicians and economist start thinking like scientists, the world would have been a much better place and probably we will never see the scenario of economic recession, which we are currently experiencing. Contrary to such a possibility the current norms are reverse wherein rather than the science influencing politics and economics, it is vice versa. It is very much necessary that the current economic concepts of virtual money, virtual businesses, which have lead to real problems, changes to real money, real businesses and virtual problems. I very much would like to see contributions from economists as well as scientists to futures issues of JNSBM on how globalization of scientific research (scientific migrations) can impact overcoming political and economic limitations. Read more…

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