Yash Sharma, Disha Thakkar, Soham Sheth, Ankit Chaturvedi, VR Lakshmi Gorty
SVKM’s NMIMS MPSTME, Mumbai, India.

The objective with which, the Karada Scan has been built and implemented, is for the calculation of ‘Body Age’ (actual age with which the body degrades). This is done on account of the various bio-chemical changes taking place in our body. Since the lifestyle of current generation has led to a statistical fact, that the actual age with which the body is degrading, is way faster than the age of that individual. Applying this concept mathematically using a ‘Two dimensional Analysis of Variance’ table, has led to a survey by which a direct comparison can be made between the body age and actual age of a person. Knowing their actual age, people can regulate their diet and move towards a better lifestyle. Read more…

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