Aakanksha Jaidka, Neha Pathania
Lovely Professional University, Phagwara (Punjab), India.


According to so many medical reports people who are suffering from HIV-1 and injection drug users are found to have HCV. Both the diseases are viral i.e. caused by virus. Also the viruses responsible for these two diseases are almost similar in characteristics, so it can be thought of making a common drug against both of the infections. Bioinformatics has given a very good platform to do all this work in very less time. Although making a drug practically that is in wet lab takes a lot of time. But having some results and then checking its activity is comparatively easy. The tools like Hex and Autodock play a very important role in virtual screening of the drug and in checking its effectiveness against the target. The inhibitors of the enzyme HIV-1 integrase derived from natural compounds were docked against the target proteins of HCV. The results were found to be totally positive with one drug named RDS 1468 which is trihydroxycinnamoyl. Thus it can be thought of launching such a drug which has affinity towards this co-infection.Read more…

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