Upanandan Mandal1, Kazi Monjur Ali1, Kausik Chatterjee1, Debasis De1, Anjan Biswas2, Debidas Ghosh1
1 Andrology, Endocrinology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory, Department of Bio-Medical Laboratory Science and Management (UGC Innovative Department), Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, West Bengal, India
2 Department of Physiology, Presidency University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.136202


The aim of the present study was to search the effective ratio of whole plant of Fumaria vaillantii Loisel (Fumaria vaillantii L.) and fruit of Benincasa hispida Thunb. (Benincasa hispidaT.) in composite form, namely “FVBH” for the management of hypochlorhydria along with iron deficiency in male albino rats. Hypochlorhydria refers to suppression of hydrochloric acid secretion by the stomach. Hypochlorhydria was induced by ranitidine in this study. We used four composite extracts of the mentioned plant and fruit with different ratios (1:1, 1:2, 2:1, and 3:2) for searching the most effective composite extract for the correction of hypochlorhydria. Gastric acidity is an important factor for iron absorption. Thus, hypochlorhydria causes iron deficiency in rat and it was prevented significantly by the extract treatment at the ratio of 1:1 of the said plant and fruit. The correction of iron deficiency by the composite extract was compared with iron supplementation to hypochlorhydric rat. It was found that preadministration followed by coadministration of FVBH-1 (1:1) able to prevent the ranitidine-induced hypochlorhydria and iron deficiency. The composite extract, FVBH-1 (1:1) significantly (P<0.05) increased the pepsin concentration, chloride level in gastric juice, iron levels in serum and liver along with blood hemoglobin level than other ratios used here. Hence, it can be concluded that FVBH-1 (1:1) is an effective herbal formulation for the management of hypochlorhydria and related iron deficiency.

Keywords: Benincasa hispida T., hypochlorhydria, liver iron, ranitidine, serum iron

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