K Gill, BK Mohanti, S Kumar, S Dey
Department of Biophysics and Department of Radiation Oncology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.


Translation of early findings from basic research is aimed to benefit cancer therapeutics. The p38α MAP kinase pathway is involved in inflammation, cell differentiation, cell growth, apoptosis and production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. The overproduction of these cytokines plays an important role in supporting the pro-inflammatory microenvironment of the tumor. The purpose of this pilot study was to estimate p38α levels in HNSCC patients at presentation and establish its correlation with radiation therapy course in serum. This case-controlled study was performed on oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients and healthy subjects as a control group. Serum levels of p38α expression were evaluated by Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and ELISA technology. HNSCC patients showed threefold increase in p38α level when compared to control (p value<0.0001). 86.42 % oral cancer patients had shown a declined p38α in response to RT and were responding clinically (clinical tumor regression). Hence, it can emerge as a prognostic marker supporting the candidature of p38α as a suitable serum marker in HNSCC. Read more…

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