Mansi B Parmar, Rajesh K Patel
Hemchandracharya North Gujrat University, Patan, India.


Metagenomics is the culture-independent genomics analysis of microbial communities. “Metagenomics” describes the functional and sequence-based analysis of the collective microbial genomes contained in an environmental sample. With development of the next generation sequencing technology metagenome are widely explored throughout the world for microbial community analysis and functional analysis. In present work an attempt has been carried out to isolate and analyze the community diversity of natural hot spring of Tulshi Shyam. The community analysis of Tulshi Shyam hot spring metagenome analysis was carried out using MGRAST server. The comparative community analysis was performing against the Yellow stone hot spring metagenome. Besides that Yellow stone metageonme was also explored for the functional analysis.   Read More …

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