Mona Rajhans
Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology, School of Engineering and Technology for Girls; Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.


Blood is the only substance of our body which transports all the chemicals to different parts of our body including hormones, nutrients, antibiotics and many others. So, if our body is infected with any disease or any pathogen is found in our body, the first site of infection is blood as it is our blood through which even the pathogens travel to the various parts of our body. It is clear that an infected blood will be different from the pure one in terms of its biotic components. This brings a change to numerous attributes of blood. Till date, what we have been doing is to analyze the sample through routine chemical serums. If we pass the sample through a full series of EM waves, the pure sample and the infected sample will diffract the waves at different angles. This angle will again be different for the difference in the composition of blood according to the severity of the presence of the biotic. We can easily check the diffracted pattern by a sensor plate held next to our sample. The block diagram would look something as follows. Read more…

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