Rajendra Verma, Ragini Gothalwal, Prerna Mahalgamaya, Kamalraj Pardasani, Kishor Shende
Bioinformatics Center (SubDIC), Dept. of Biotechnology, Barkatullah University Bhopal MP, India.


Richard Grantham (1980) proposed genome hypothesis stating that that codon catalog can be a genomic feature to study the genome variability. New genome sequencing technology has resulted into flood of genome sequences in databases. Looking towards the need of future of bacterial genome analysis, MGT development was initiated. MGT is developed with java programming language and interface with Java Swing. It can calculate the codon usage indices and nucleotide composition. Also it can e-translate the gene sequence into protein sequences. It gives the result in MS-Excel and text file format, which can be further processed for statistical analysis. This software is open access and it can be obtained from Bioinformatics center (SubDIC) (http://www.bioinfobubpl.nic.in) Barkatullah University Bhopal MP India on request. It is useful software for research and teaching in bacterial genomics. Futre development of this software will be added with microarray data analysis and genome annotation applications.  Read more…

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