Dinesh Bhalothia, Rakesh Sharma, SL Kothari, Sumita Kachhawa
Centre for Converging Technologies, University Of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


A flood of data means that many of the challenges in biology are now challenging computing. Bioinformatics, the application of computational techniques to analyze the information associated with biomolecules on a largescale has now firmly established itself as a discipline in molecular biology and genomics to gene expression studies. Clustering is the use of multiple computers, multiple storage devices, and redundant interconnections, to form what appears to users as a single highly available system. Cluster computing can be used for load balancing as well as for high availability. It is used as a relatively lowcost form of parallel processing machine for scientific and other applications that lend themselves to parallel operations. Computer cluster technology puts clusters of systems together to provide better system reliability and performance. Cluster server systems connect a group of servers together in order to jointly provide processing service for the clients in the network.Cluster operating systems divide the tasks amongst the available servers.Clusters of systems on the other hand, connect a group of systems together to jointly share a critically demanding computational task. Theoretically, a cluster operating system should provide seamless optimization in every case. Read more…

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