Jitender Singh, Abhijit Kulshrestha
Faculty Computer Science and Engineering, CS&E, JNU Jodhpur, Jodhpur (Rajasthan), JNU Jodhpur, India.


Privacy over communication channels are of primary concern, due to their complexity and diversity, there is need for continuous improvements of adopted solutions. These have been remarkable growths in Wi-Fi communication network. Wi-Fi radio standard, great leaps in the technology have been made. In the area of range Wi-Fi has been pushed to an extreme, and both commercial and residential applications of this Long Range Wi-Fi have cropped up around the world. It has also been used in experimental trials in the developing world to link communities separated by difficult geography with few or no other connectivity options. Provide coverage to a large office or business complex or campus. Establish point-to-point link between large skyscrapers or other office buildings. Bring Internet to remote construction sites or research labs. Bring Internet to a home if regular cable/DSL cannot be hooked up at the location. Bring Internet to a vacation home or cottage on a remote mountain or on a lake. Bring Internet to a yacht or large seafaring vessel. Share a Neighborhood Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi connects you to your favorite content and communications over your mobile phone, computer, media players and other devices – all without cumbersome cables. Wi-Fi network security is demonstrated by explaining the main specification of the common security standards like 802.11 WEP, 802.11 WEP1, 802.11 WEP2(802.11i), Finally, it sum up with thoughts and suggestions about Wi-Fi security along with a chosen example of the current proposals in Wi-Fi security. Read more…

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