HS Arun Kumar
Editor in Chief: Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine.


It is my pleasure to write the editorial for the first issue of Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine (JNSBM) and I am delighted to introduce our multispecialty journal to the global audience, who are interested in keeping in touch with the progress made, across all disciplines of science. The recent years have seen a surge in the number of online journals focused on various scientific subspecialties. Ironically, the recent breakthrough in scientific innovations has been achieved through collaborations across different scientific disciplines; hence, we thought of launching JNSBM, to provide a common platform for all specialties of science. We believe such a common platform will encourage greater cross-disciplinary interactions, which will trigger future scientific innovations.

Although the title of the journal indicates natural sciences, biology, and medicine, we are open to publishing manuscripts in all other related disciplines, which are connected with science and scientific management, including administrative and policy issues, which can influence scientific research. I believe JNSBM will prove to be the most preferred platform for scientific publications, and will be set as an ideal model in the new era of scientific journalism. I believe this ideal model will bring in the greatly needed change in the current publishing practices. To achieve this difficult task, we have a dynamic and young editorial force, who is highly dedicated to achieving the success and progress of JNSBM. Supporting our Editorial force in this mission are our internationally recognized Editorial board members, whose continued guidance is envisaged on a day-to-day basis.

In our inaugural issue we have selected manuscripts from diversified subjects ranging from orodispersible tablets in drug delivery, to sound perception, environmental safety issues, antimicrobials, periodontal diseases, stem cells, antioxidants, epigenetics, and novel therapeutics to target cancer. I hope and trust you will enjoy our first issue and continue to support JNSBM in achieving its mission to bring about a change in scientific publishing.

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