Manish K Singh1, Mani K Kumar2, Lalit Mohan3
1Department of Surgery, Narayan Medical College and Hospital, Jamuhar, Sasaram, Bihar, India.
2Department of Pediatrics, Narayan Medical College and Hospital, Jamuhar, Sasaram, Bihar, India.
3Department of Pharmacology, Narayan Medical College and Hospital, Jamuhar, Sasaram, Bihar, India.
DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.116987


Objective: To evaluate the results of laparoscopic appendectomy using two suprapubic port incisions placed below the pubic hair line. Design: Prospective hospital based descriptive study. Settings: Department of surgery of a tertiary care teaching hospital located in Rohtas district of Bihar. The study was carried out over a period of 11months during November 2011 to September 2012. Participants: Seventy five patients with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Materials and Methods: All patients underwent laparoscopic appendectomy with three ports (one 10-mm umbilical for telescope and two 5 mm suprapubic as working ports) were included. Operative time, conversion, complications, hospital stay and cosmetic results were analyzed. Results: Total number of patients was 75 which included 46 (61.33%) females and 29 (38.67%) males with Mean age (±Standard deviation {SD}) at the time of the diagnosis was 30.32 (±8.86) years. Mean operative time was 27.2 (±5.85) min. One (1.33%) patient required conversion to open appendectomy. No one patient developed wound infection or any other complication. Mean hospital stay was 22.34 (±12.18) h. Almost all patients satisfied with their cosmetic results. Conclusion: A laparoscopic approach using two supra pubic ports yields the better cosmetic results and also improves the surgeons working position during laparoscopic appendectomy. Although, this study had shown better cosmetic result and better working position of the surgeon, however it needs further comparative study and randomized controlled trial to confirm our findings.

Keywords: Laparoscopic appendectomy, open appendectomy, supra pubic approach.

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