Association of Vitamin D with Vascular Inflammation

Microbial symbiosis influencing the quality of life in health and disease

Arun H S. KumarEditor in Chief, Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, University College Dublin, Dublin, IrelandDOI: 10.4103/jnsbm.JNSBM_11_19 Communities ...
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Correlation of fasting blood sugar, postprandial blood sugar, homeostatic model assessment-insulin resistance, and serum insulin with health-related quality of life in test group and control group. (a) Correlation of FBS with HRQOL (b) Correlation of PPBS with HRQOL (c) Correlation of Homa-IR with HRQOL (d) Correlation of Serum Insulin with HRQOL

Impact of probiotics on health-related quality of life in Type II diabetes mellitus: A randomized single-blind, placebo-controlled study

Rajesh Venkataraman, Princy Jose, Juwal JoseDepartment of Pharmacy Practice, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy, Mandya, Karnataka, IndiaDOI: 10.4103/jnsbm.JNSBM_31_18 ABSTRACT Objective: ...
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Design of snail attractant tracking device. (a) Design of tracks with partition frames and support frames made from perflex sheets for placement in the aquarium tank and (b) Aquarium tank with tracks for snails’ movement for the study of attraction of snails by feed

Development of a bait carrier material for apple snail (Pomacea maculata) based on its feed preferences using snail attractant tracking device

Guruswamy Prabhakaran, Subhash Janardhan Bhore, Manikam RavichandranDepartment of Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, AIMST University, Semeling, 08100 Bedong, Kedah, Malaysia.DOI: ...
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Results of descriptive statistics for volume/swallow index

Swallowing thin liquids from the rim of the cup and through the straw in healthy geriatrics

Thejaswi Dodderi1, Nidhi D Karkera2, Neeraja Sunil31Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Nitte Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mangalore, Karnataka, ...
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Blood glucose levels in the rats at the completion of the study. Blood glucose levels increased significantly in the SD group compared to SC groups (P < 0.001, *). Blood glucose levels significantly decreased (P < 0.001, **) in diabetic rats following endurance exercise training. SC: Sedentary control, SD: Sedentary diabetic, ED: Exercised diabetic

Overexpression of renal proapoptotic factors is attenuated subsequent to endurance exercise in Type I diabetes: An immunohistochemistry study

Nour S Erekat1, Rawan A Rababa'h2, Muhammed D Al-Jarrah31Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology ...
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Quantitative ultrasonography device measuring bone mineral density on mediolateral surface of calcaneum

Evaluation of osteoporosis among medical and paramedical staffs in a tertiary health-care hospital in India

Vetrivel Chezian Sengodan, Marimuthu Sivagnanam, Nandakumar Thiagarajan, Surendar VellaiyanInstitute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil ...
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Postamplification gel electrophoresis showing bands. vanA gene shows band at 732 bp

Phenotypic detection and molecular characterization of vancomycin-resistant enterococci

Vishal C Shete1, Naveen Grover1, Mahadevan Kumar1, Puneet Bhatt21Department of Microbiology, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India.2Department of Microbiology, ...
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Representative histogram showing (a) total phenolic content (b) total tannin content and (c) flavonoid content in the aqueous, methanol, and ethanol extracts of leaves, stem bark, and flowers of Lasiosiphon eriocephalus. Values are expressed as the means of three independent experiments

Studies on Phytoconstituents, in vitro Antioxidant,
Antibacterial, Antiparasitic, Antimicrobial, and Anticancer
Potential of Medicinal Plant Lasiosiphon eriocephalus Decne
(Family: Thymelaeaceae)

Pratik P Durgawale, Madhavi N Patil, Shreepad A Joshi, Kalpita S Korabu, Kailas D DatkhileDepartment of Molecular Biology and Genetics, ...
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The relationship between tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion and history of exacerbation

Prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in indonesian patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Harry Akza Putrawan1, Budhi Antariksa1, Faisal Yunus1, Muhammad Abbas Basalamah2, Fariz Nurwidya11Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, ...
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Hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus co-infection in hemodialysis patients: A retrospective study from a tertiary care hospital of North India

Comparison of tuberculin skin test and interferon-gamma release assay in the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection among indonesian health-care workers

Ratnawati1, Erlina Burhan1, Cempaka Nova Intani1, Heni Handayani2, Fariz Nurwidya11Departement of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, ...
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Distribution of study groups according to age at presentation

Clinical and coronary angiographic profile in women presenting with anginal chest pain: Results from a single-center prospective observational study

Kunal Mahajan1, Arvind Kandoria1, Rajeev Bhardwaj1, Prakash Chand Negi1, Sanjeev Asotra1, Gunjan Gupta21Department of Cardiology, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, ...
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Tongue‑hold maneuver and the positioning of nasal cannula

Does tongue-hold maneuver affect respiratory–Swallowing coordination? Evidence from healthy adults

Radish Kumar Balasubramaniam, Sonia Babu, Malavika Anakkathil Anil, Aiswarya Liz Varghese, Zeba Raisa Hussain, Dasmine Fraclita DsouzaDepartment of Audiology and ...
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Coronary angiogram showing diffuse ectasia in the right coronary artery

Prevalence and Clinical Profile of Angiographic Coronary Artery
Ectasia among North Indian Population

Rasheed Ahmed1, Gaurav Khandelwal2, Agam Bansal2, Anoop Jain3, Krati Khandelwal4, Rohit Singla31Department of Cardiology, Heart and General Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ...
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Screening for mild cognitive impairment among noncommunicable disease patients attending a rural primary health center in Puducherry, South India

Screening for mild cognitive impairment among noncommunicable disease patients attending a rural primary health center in Puducherry, South India

Yuvaraj Krishnamoorthy, Gokul Sarveswaran, Manikandanesan Sakthivel, Tanveer Rehman, Marie Gilbert Majella, S Ganesh KumarDepartment of Preventive and Social Medicine, Jawaharlal ...
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Clinical and Epidemiological Profile of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate Anomaly: 10‑Year Experience from a Tertiary Care Center in the Sub‑Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India

Clinical and epidemiological profile of patients with cleft lip and palate anomaly: 10-year experience from a tertiary care center in the sub-himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India

Vijay Kumar Diwana1, Gunjan Gupta1, Rajesh Chauhan1, Kunal Mahajan2, Aditi Mahajan1, Ranjan Gupta3, Kanika Mahajan31Department of Plastic Surgery, Indira Gandhi ...
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Precision Medicine: Leading Medical Research to Change Life Results

Routine screening of renal function before intravenous contrast examination: Is this required in the Indian scenario?

Onkar B Auti1, KV Manoj1, Vellaichamy M Annapandian2, DG Santosh Kumar1, K Murugan1, GA Karthik1, Venkatraman Bhat1, Vimal Raj11Department of ...
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DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.184704

Emphasizing the importance of sexual healthcare among middle and old age groups: A high time to re-think?

Patrice A Rabathaly1, Vijay Kumar Chattu21Department of Social and Environmental Health Research, Faculty of Public Health and Policy, London School ...
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Frequency of HBB mutations in Saudi populations

The frequency and spectrum of HBB gene mutation in β-Thalassemia patients in Saudi Arabia

Raniah S Alotibi1, Eman Alharbi1, Bushra Aljuhani1, Bdoor Alamri1, Mohieldin Elsayid1, Naif M Alhawiti1, Fazal Hussain2, Fahad Almohareb2, Cherry Colcol2, ...
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