Frank Eisenhaber
Director – Bioinformatics Institute (BII) Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) 30 Biopolis Street #07-01, Matrix Building, 138671, Singapore.


Although life sciences are not truly an area of theoretical research, there are important niches where non-experimental efforts can make a difference. The contribution of sequence analysis, structure modeling and expression profile studies for the discovery of biomolecular mechanisms is indisputable. Within the Bimolecular Function Discovery Division of BII, it will be demonstrated that the integration of sequence-based function prediction, the verification of hypotheses in the biochemical lab and software development for efficient sequence-analytic orkflows (the ANNOTATOR project) opens new horizons for discovery biomolecular mechanism discovery. Several examples such as the case of regulation of nuclear shuttling of a transcription factor with lipid modifications or the impact of patient-specific mutations of influenza viruses will be reviewed. Read More..

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