Gulshan Wadhwa1, Usman Sayeed2, Qazi Mohd Sajid Jamal2
1Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi, India.
2Department of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Bioinformatics, Integral University, Lucknow, India.


PPR is an acute, febrile viral disease of small ruminants which causes a severe disease in the sheep and goats. PPRV is highly contagious disease with high fatality rate of 68-70%. This study has been under taken to identify the sites in the various strains of the virus 255bp across the world. The study was undertaken to characterize a 255bp Pest des petits gene from Ruminants from 14 different countries. The sequence was obtained by sequencing nucleoprotein (N) gene segments and phylogenetic analysis was applied from sheep and goats. 255bp samples collected from 14 different countries by NCBI. The phylogenetic analysis based on the 255 bp nucleotide gene sequences of PPRV from 16 different locations clustered MEGA software them into lineage 4 along with classification of PPRV into lineages based on the N gene sequence. Read More …

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