Mayura D Patil1, SC Kale1, Seema Devdhaer2
1Krishna Institute of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics; Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University, (Malkapur) Karad – 415110, M. S., India.
2Suryadatta Institute of Pune (Affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University), India.


By using Environmental Genomics or Metagenomic sequencing is being used to characterize the microbial communities from environmental samples and genetic information is then studied to reveal important characteristics of the microbial community. Microbial communities are crucial particiants in cleaning up an variety of both natural and human-made hazardous substances.all these data storage and computational analyses is done by using bioinformatics tools,one experiment can now produce a terabyte or more of row data, all these data integrate and compare with all of the other available data resources such as those at NCBI, GeneBank/EMBL/DDBJ, KEGG. And develop methods to make massive contribution to public environmental Genomics databases to define data management and their computational analysis for environmental studies and complex interactions between microbes, biodegradation of sewage, ocean pollutants etc. Read more…

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